Golden Residence Hotel

Golden Residence Hotel


Is the shuttle service between the airport and hotel available?

We don’t have a shuttle service. However, we’ll be happy to reserve you a transfer of arrival and departure via taxi. You can also take a shuttle bus to and from the airport,right outside of the hotel. You can pay for the ticker as you enter the bus.

How can I go to the beach?

Clients can go by foot to Seixos Beach (Formosa Beach). To go to other beaches, you can go by bus or taxi.

How can I go to the city centre?

To the city centre, it is possible to go by foot or by bus. Its bus stop is right in front of the hotel.

What is the main rate to the airport and hotel?

On Aero bus the cost is 5 euros per person. Taxi has a cost of +/- 35 euros/trip.

What is the hotel location?

The Golden Residence is located a 20-minute walk from the Lido bathing complex and Gorgulho beach.